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The Woodago Eco 'Spray Safe Prevent and Protect' Services

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Spray Safe Prevent and Protect

Our 'Spray Safe Prevent and Protect' service uses our high level disinfectants which is appropriate for all environments from homes to offices, shops and gyms.

Suitable for all soft surfaces and equipment, our disinfectant will prevent the transmission of bacteria and pathogens. Extremely effective against all microbial classes up to bacterial spores.

coronavirus cleaning services in corsham and North Wiltshire

Ongoing support

This  is the    best way to ensure your company or home is as safe as possible.

Our range of products  can replace or merge with your existing cleaning protocol.    We specialise in  creating a solution    that works for you,   taking into consideration both the type of   environment    you   are in   as well    as  your  budget.

Contact us  and  we can help find the best solution for you to be 'Covid Secure'.





Our Optimum Spray Safe Strategy

  • If your premises haven’t been cleaned for a long period, we would first recommend a ground zero clean using our ultra high level disinfectant on all surfaces. We would suggest applying this every month or 6 weeks for  maximum effectiveness.
  • We would then spray our regular disinfectant daily, or weekly to prevent outbreaks and eliminate as much bacteria as possible.
  • For complete protection we would recommend a combination of products, with regular cleaning on a daily basis, and a monthly application of our ultra high level disinfectant.
  • If you would just like a weekly service, we would be able to spray  your walls, carpets and surfaces. This cleaning product will work for weeks and will continue to clean and remove harmful bacteria in the air.
  • Every environment is different, contact us and we can look at how we can make your cleaning regime more effective

If you are looking to get your business Covid Secure  get in touch with us at Woodago Eco Solutions. We'll discuss your needs and requirements and can help you identify an optimum strategy that will give you the most protection.

Detailed scientific information and data lists, available upon request.

residential coronavirus cleaning services, Corsham, Chippenham, Bath and North Wiltshire

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