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Woodago Eco Solutions

Our 'Prevent and Protect' Services

Homes and Vehicles

From Homes     and private  cars    to  Caravans, minibuses and Taxis

We carry out a fast and effective sanitisation   of your home and/or    vehicles with our   eco-friendly products and eco static spraying system

We provide an initial sanitisation   and offer training and ongoing  protocols to suit every scenario.

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Hospitality, Property and Retail Businesses

To help ensure that your employees and customers are better protected, we provide a full "Spray Safe Prevent and Protect" program to get businesses back to work safely and effectively.

We specialise in the hospitality, office based and retail markets.

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For all commercial property including health clubs, sports clubs and public sector buildings please email details via contact us for a full quotation.


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Sports Clubs/Gyms

We also offer a full protocol    and sanitisation service    for   all types of sporting clubs.

If you are a Sports Club/Centre, Gym, Golf Club, Rugby or Football Club, we have a set of specific products and protocols that can help you protect and safeguard your staff and members.

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 Products and Equipment 

We also partner with a number of specific industries and businesses, supplying both Equipment and Chemicals to them.

Please contact us and we will see how we can help.

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To arrange deep clean coronavirus cleaning services in Corsham, Chippenham or Bath, please get in touch for a quick quote. 





How Our Eco Sprayer Cleaning System Works

Why regular cleaning methods don't work

If you have ever used a mop or cloth to clean a surface, you will quickly see dirt and grime accumulate on the surface of the cloth or in the water you are using to mop. This is just what you can see. Think about all the microscopic pathogens and bacteria that you cannot see which are hiding in your cleaning materials.

The truth is that many cleaners are simply moving germs and bacteria from one location to another. Even if you use a single use wipe or trigger spray – this is still very unproductive, and to truly clean a room, you would need to spend significant time accessing all hard to reach areas.

What makes our methods different

Firstly, unlike regular methods to clean, we use a handheld sprayer connected to a backpack which contains the disinfectant. Using a spray makes it extremely easy to apply the cleaning liquid – and this makes it far quicker and simpler to cover a whole room. 

As you can see, applying the spray everywhere ensures that all bacteria are eliminated from all surfaces. This prevents outbreaks from occurring and cuts down on the transmission of pathogens and bacteria from one place to another.

The e-shield spray works by creating a hostile environment in which pathogens and bacteria cannot stick. The sprayer also adds a microscopic catatonic electrical charge which makes the fluid even more potent.

To book your coronavirus cleaning service in Corsham,  get in touch  with us at Woodago Eco Solutions. 

Before Eco Sprayer Cleaning

coronavirus protection, Corsham and North Wiltshire

This is a room which has undergone a regular clean.


After  Eco Sprayer Cleaning

coronavirus cleaning services in corsham, coronavirus help in Corsham

This is a room which has been cleaned with our eco sprayer e-shield cleaning spray.


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deep cleaning in Corsham and North Wiltshire

How our Spray Safe method works

Simply speaking, bacteria, viruses and fungi are constructed from proteins and lipids. Compounds within our disinfectant make significant and rapid changes to these elements within the microbe – which make it unable to function properly – in other words, destroying it. Once sprayed, any bacteria that is on a surface will quickly die and be rendered harmless.

Detailed scientific information and data lists, available upon request.

If you are seeking deep clean coronavirus cleaning services in Corsham, Chippenham or Bath, contact us at Woodago Eco Solutions for a quick quote. 



Get in Touch - If you are Self Isolating

We  can help.

If, like many of us you have a family member that has tested positive, we are able to offer a simple cost effective solution to  return your household to normal.

Our effective Spray   Safe Prevent and Protect system  can be applied quickly and safely .


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