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Committed to Protecting You, Your Business and the Local Community

Our Company

Woodago Eco Solutions is helping businesses, households and individuals to create safe environments to ‘protect & prevent’ the spread of Covid-19 .

Woodago Eco and our partners have been successfully disinfecting offices, care homes, schools, cars & residential homes for key workers and businesses across the UK

Covid Secure - Our protocols, procedures and products are certified and environmentally friendly.

We provide a spray safe solution to help mitigate the risk of C-19 which in turn can help everyone get back to work with a level of normality.

It is by using the latest cutting-edge technology and safe, eco-friendly cleaning products that we want to preserve the planet for generations to come. We want to keep vital areas clean and safe making a real difference to the fight against coronavirus. 

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Why Choose Woodago Eco Solutions

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Committed to the community

We want to help as many local businesses and people as possible. We do this by providing fast, effective protection using our 'Spray Safe Prevent and Protect' protocols.

We understand that times are tough for us all, so we will work with you to provide the best  solution at a cost that is manageable.

Safe and environmentally friendly

All of the cleaning products that we use contain no harmful substances such as chlorine, bleach or alcohol. Everything is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.

We create a bubble of protection around you, your business,   employees and clients .

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'Spray Safe Prevent and Protect'

For positive, not negative action

Don't act when it's too late. With lockdown measures easing, now more than ever, it is important that you take action to protect your Business, Employees and Customers.

You need to be 'Covid Secure'

Using our 'Spray Safe Prevent and Protect' protocols will give you the most protection and decrease the chances of you and your employees and customers contracting any viruses and illnesses.

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Areas We Cover

Located in Corsham, Wiltshire, we currently operate in 3 zones.

  • Corsham – Zone 1
  • Within 5 miles of Corsham – Zone 2 (Chippenham)
  • Within 10 miles of Corsham – Zone 3 (Bath)

If you would like to understand more about making your business    'Covid    Secure', please get in touch with us at Woodago Eco Solutions.